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How can meditation ease one’s social anxiety when attending fashion events? 

by Ali Haider
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Imagine a mother who has two daughters. According to society, having only two daughters and no son means that the mother is unfortunate. It’s the mother’s bad luck that she gave birth to two daughters. What about the mother? Does she also think the same way? Does she also feel the same? So just because society thinks that way doesn’t mean the mother who has two daughters will also react in the same way. There can be contradictions in the thinking. Because why not? So in this case also the mother’s thoughts are exactly opposite to that of society. Talking about the mother, she is very happy that she has two daughters. Not just she but her husband is also very glad that God gifted them two daughters. Time passed by and their daughters grew into two beautiful girls. Everyone used to adore their beauty! Both the girls were poles apart when it came to their behaviour and interests. If one was interested in fashion then the other hated investing time and energy in looking fashionable. The girl who was very much into fashion invested most of her time, energy and money in acing her look. Be it a house party or wedding or college event or fashion event she never missed out on adding an extra oomph to her look. This shows her obsession with fashion! Whereas the other girl never worried about her look. According to her, investing time and energy in fashion is a waste of both. Most importantly she was a bit lazy hence she didn’t want to give an effort when it came to buying fashionable outfits and wearing them. In short, the two daughters were exactly the opposite. Now there’s no problem if someone does not like being fashionable. Because the thing which matters is whether the person is comfortable wearing an outfit or not. If a person feels comfortable wearing normal clothes and doesn’t want to wear something that’s on trend then it is completely fine.

But the problem in the case of these two girls is their contrasting behaviours. The girl who doesn’t like fashion is okay when it comes to her behaviour. She is a person who likes meeting new people and making new friends. In short, she is an extroverted person. Whereas the girl who is a fashion lover is an introverted person. Being introverted is never a bad thing. It’s not a problem if a person doesn’t like to talk much and enjoys his own company. It will be wrong to say that she is a fully introverted person. Although she doesn’t like to talk much and make new friends, she likes attending social events. Be it any event, she enjoys all of them. Among the many events, it’s the fashion events that fascinate her the most. That’s the reason why she doesn’t miss out on any fashion events. Then what’s the problem? So the problem with her is that no matter how many times she attends such fashion events she never becomes able to win over her fears. So what are her fears? Fear of people, fear of being the centre of attention, fear of acting foolish, fear of speaking wrong things, fear of being judged, fear of people wanting to talk, fear of looking weird, fear of not looking great and so on! In short, fear is being mocked and insulted because of who she is. No matter how many times she tries to ignore these fears when at fashion events or any other events, she fails miserably. The moment she enters the events all her fears start taking over her mind. She starts sweating, shaking, stuttering and whatnot! Not just that, but her heart also starts beating faster. Faster than normal!! Despite being a lover of fashion events she becomes unsuccessful in enjoying the events to the fullest.


People often think that she is shy and quiet. And that’s why she behaves in such a way. But that’s not the case! The way she behaves is not normal. Because she doesn’t want to behave in such a way. Before every fashion event, she makes up her mind that she will not repeat the way she did before. Before leaving the house for any fashion events, she gains courage and promises herself that she will not let her fears win over her mind. She will remain strong. But to her dismay, the same thing gets repeated. The same symptoms take away all the fun! And this is not normal. The reason why she was behaving in such a way was her disorder. She was suffering from a social anxiety disorder. That means whenever she will be attending social events she will suffer from anxiety. And the symptoms are because of her anxiety. Despite wanting to not feel the same next time, she goes through the same suffering. This is what social anxiety disorder looks like! So, what’s the solution? Now talking about her fear of not looking perfect in fashion or any other events can be solved. This is the fear of not just the girls who suffer from social anxiety disorder but most girls. It’s something every girl goes through. Maybe because they bought something and then found that it’s not something that they saw. The style or the colour is not according to their taste. Or maybe the case that the outfit is not fitting properly.

People may say didn’t they check when buying. But the problem is that despite checking many times people don’t get the thing that they want. And hence they make themselves satisfied with the outfit that they got. Also, it may be the case that when they checked it they found it perfect. But when they wore the same outfit at home it turned out to be different. Unfit and boring! But what if it is said that there’s a platform which will assign a stylist for a girl so that she gets the outfit according to his taste, size and budget? Not just that if she doesn’t like anything on the set then she can send it back. That too for free. No shipping charges! Women should check out the Dresslily website and avail this opportunity of getting personalised outfits at affordable rates using Dresslily deals. They should not waste a single minute. Otherwise, they would miss out on a golden opportunity. But what’s the golden opportunity that’s being talked about? It’s the Dresslily sale which is in full swing! And opportunities like this don’t come again and again!! Hence women should do some Dresslily shopping this season. So, buying curated outfits from Dresslily is the solution to getting over the fear of not looking perfect at any fashion event. But what about social anxiety disorder in general? How can someone get rid of social anxiety disorder? So, only mindfulness meditation will never help in curing social anxiety disorder entirely. Because there are many other things also and this is something a doctor will suggest. But mindfulness meditation can surely help in easing social anxiety when attending social events or fashion events in particular. And this is something the doctor also suggests. Because why not? Read on to know how mindfulness meditation can help one in easing social anxiety when attending fashion events: 

  • Helps in calming the mind:

Anxiety means the mind is not calm instead it’s wandering everywhere. The mind is restless! So many thoughts have taken over one’s mind!! And mindfulness meditation can help a person to calm his nerves and thus can stop his mind from wandering. It will help one to appreciate the now so that he stops thinking about future events. Hence a few minutes of mindfulness meditation can do wonders! Dresslily personalised outfits can do wonders too when it comes to acing the look. Women can buy Dresslily personalised outfits at bank-balanced rates using Dresslily promo codes. 

  • Helps in lowering stress hormones: 

It’s the stress hormones which are at fault. If it was not for the stress hormones then a person would not have experienced stress. And then excessive stress leads to anxiety. It’s mindfulness meditation that can help a person in lowering the stress hormones present in his body. Similarly, it’s the Dresslily personalised outfits that have helped women in lowering their fashion anxiety. Women can buy Dresslily personalised outfits at affordable rates using Dresslily coupons. 

  • Makes self-acceptance easier:

Why does a person suffer from social anxiety? Among the many reasons, the major reason is the fear of being judged. A person when at social events always keeps on thinking what if he is not accepted by the people present at the social events? What if he doesn’t look perfect and is thus judged for his appearance? And this happens because he can’t accept himself the way he is. That is there’s a lack of self-acceptance in him. Mindfulness meditation will help a person in accepting himself the way he is. In short, it makes self-acceptance an easier task. How getting personalised stylist outfits has become easy because of the Dresslily platform. Women can buy Dresslily personalised outfits at pocket-friendly rates using zaful coupon codes.

So instead of suffering from a social anxiety disorder, a person should find a way to cope with it. And what is better than doing mindfulness meditation regularly? Isn’t it? And women suffering from fashion anxiety should visit the Dresslily outfit where they will get personalised outfits at discounted rates using Dresslily discount codes. And using the Dresslily website is very easy. Women can just have to visit the Dresslily website. And then buy personalised outfits that too at pocket-friendly rates using Dresslily offers. Hurry up!! 

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