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Benefits of Wooden Shipping Crates Over Cardboard Boxes

by Ali Haider

When it comes to shipping a product, the power of wood can’t be underestimated. Wooden shipping crates have been a reliable partner for the shipping industry to ship products from one place to another for hundreds of years. All you have to do is find the wooden crate box of the right size (which is easily available) for your shipping product.

Wooden shipping crates are a durable and affordable shipping material. Thus, wooden crates become a perfect option for frequent goods suppliers working on very tight profit margins. On top of it, the wooden crates can be reused, are easy to build, and offer long-lasting support.

If you are in a shipping business and in a dilemma about whether to go for wooden shipping crates or not, then this post is for you. This post will discuss various benefits of wooden shipping crates over other materials. And why they are a perfect packaging material choice for you. We hope going through this post will help you make better decisions for your business.

Reliable and Sturdy

Wood is known for its reliability and sturdiness. Their ability to withstand pressure and sturdiness is one of the biggest reasons why they are a perfect fit for building homes and other structures. To harness the same power, the shipping sector deploys wooden crates. Packing goods with wooden crates provides an assurance that goods are safe during transportation. Easy to handle nature of wooden crates makes them ideal for the shipping industry, and goods can be placed on top of each other without any damage.

Cost-Effective Option

The shipping industry is a highly competitive market, and businesses don’t have the leverage to spend fortunes on shipping crates. However, when it comes to wood, it is ubiquitous and requires less processing to build a secure enclosure for goods. Just with the help of nails, you can create a wooden enclosure to move goods safely from one place to another. Easy availability, a wide range of size availability, and little processing time make them a cost-effective option for shipping goods.

Secure Packaging

To open a wooden crate is not an easy task, you need a crowbar and decent upper body strength to open the box. This gives a guarantee to goods suppliers that even if someone tries to open the crate. They will have a tough time and can’t open it without making a scene. Unlike cardboard boxes that allow easy access to anyone, what’s inside the box with just a simple sharp tool. Thus, wooden crates are a perfect choice for anyone looking for peace of mind when shipping antiques and fragile items.

Eco-Friendly Option

There is beauty in the simplicity offered by wooden crates; you don’t have to be an expert to build a wooden crate. These are eco-friendly options for the shipping industry as they are readily available and can be reused again without polluting the environment. Take the stress out of your shipping business by implementing all-natural wooden shipping containers for packaging. 

Reuse to Reduce Waste

Unlike any other packaging materials like cardboard boxes, the reusability factors of wooden crates help in reducing wastage. As long as you don’t bend or break the wood, you can rebuild new wooden crates with the help of nails and a hammer. Carefully open the box and nail the wooden pieces again to build a new shipping crate. The reusable nature of wood allows shipping businesses to save money on packaging, and reduce wastage and environmental impact.

Easy to Lift and Move

Durable and sturdy wooden crate boxes allow the transporter to move them from one place to another using forklifts, lifting chains, and hand pallets. Take the stress out from moving goods with easy to stack and move wooden crate boxes.

Recycle in Multiple Ways

One of the biggest advantages of using wooden crates for shipping purposes is their ability to recycle in a number of ways. You can chip the wood into smaller pieces and use them as burning fuel. Often while packing goods, empty spaces need to be filled to strengthen the overall structure. Wood pieces of different sizes assist in leveling and adding strength.

Easy to Repair

Irrespective of how good you have package goods, there is always a chance of mishandling or any other reason that somehow damages the wooden crate box. However, in case of damage to your wooden crate box, there’s no need to panic. You can repair the wooden crate boxes using nails and wooden pieces.

Easily Stackable

In the shipping industry, goods are stacked over one another to effectively utilize the container space. Due to the ability of wooden crate boxes to stack over one another, it ensures effective utilization of the storage space. Moreover, wooden crates can easily withstand a lot of weight, and you can stack two to three crates easily.

A Perfect Customized Solution

Wood shipping crates comes in different sizes and can be easily customized to provide a safe and secure enclosure. With the help of nails, you can fasten goods in any direction, and with wood cutter you can cut pieces of different sizes to create desired crate shape. For goods that are hard to fit within square or rectangular crates, you can build a custom crate as per product specifications.


A wooden shipping crate is more than secure packaging. It is a surety to both suppliers and buyers that their goods are safe and secure with eco-friendly materials. The easy availability of wood, impeccable strength, and reusing ability make them an ideal packaging material. Keep your customers’ products sa fe and offer them peace of mind with wooden shipping crates.