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6 Ways to Reduce Static Electricity in Print Production

by Ali Haider

Maybe you are familiar with the phenomenon of static electricity. If not, don’t worry; we are here to assist you in introducing this terminology. Static electricity is a phenomenon that is common in a print shop. Moreover, we alternatively utilize excessively static electricity in our daily life, for instance, in paint spraying, crop spraying, air fresheners, inkjet printers, laser printers, electric fences, etc.

However, static electricity can be considered a pain regarding bindery equipment. It can seriously impact the safety risk of the documentation and machine reliability. Also, electrostatic ejections affect the quality and print production of inkjet printers. So, you must find ways to save your assets and boost your print production. Therefore, this writing will describe the 6 ways to reduce static electricity in print production. So, stay with us here and keep scrolling below.

Top 6 Ways to Reduce Static Electricity in Print Production

Static electricity is usually caused by substrate static electricity via a process known as turbocharging. ESD is caused because of the drier condition and lack of proper humidity. It creates heat and radiation in the plastic and affects the proficiency of printability. Therefore, this writing will describe the top 6 ways to reduce static electricity in print production. So, don’t go anywhere and reveal the tactics of how to lessen the negative effect of static electricity in print production.

1. Reduce the Amount of Conductive Material

Reducing the amount of conductive material over the carpeting floor is mandatory. Also, Rubberized floor mats and non-conductive guards on metal surfaces can secure your print equipment from static electricity. Furthermore, you have to get effective and reliable printers that automatically reduce the risk of static electricity in inkjet and laser printers. Therefore, you have to explore the services of Xerox Dubai. It surely provides you with the world’s best printer equipment that ultimately boosts print production and works effectively for a long period.

2. Spread out Touch Points

You must remember that when binary conductive materials touch or meet, it ultimately generates statics in the product. Therefore, you have to separate the conductive instrument’s touch points. Or we can also say that spread out the workstation from the print equipment.

3. Pinpoint Causes with System Monitoring

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of static electricity is to inspect and evaluate the pinpoints, for instance, bindery equipment, folding machines, and other gears. It might assist you in regulating the risk of arching. Also, you must train your team to access the troublesome areas in the equipment timely to manipulate the risk at the initial state.

4. Grounding Wires

If you follow the essential precaution, for instance, avoiding the grounding wires, cables, and clamps connected to the earth, you ultimately avert the risk of statics in print production. So, you have to manipulate the wiring system effectively or operatively not to face the after-effects of the statics. Otherwise, you have to face an unbearable situation.

5. Use Static Eliminators

Using specific brushes, bungees or rod wave between the plastic sheets will surely remove the risk of static electricity. Particular types of flicks on the pallet can surely assist you in defusing the electrostatics. Also, industrial air filters in print gadgets lessen the friction-causing dust that causes static discharges. Moreover, fabric softeners or wipes are used to wipe down work place as it also reduces the elements of the statics.

6. Maintain 40 to 60 Percent Relative Humidity (RH)

Humidity control is mandatory to boost the activity of printability. Imbalanced humidity level becomes the main cause of the electrostatic discharges. It acts like the conductor of electricity and might lead to the arcing and greater risk of static electricity if the condition is drier. No matter how much you utilize the non-conductive material on a surface, it would hardly be affected if the relative humidity level is unacceptable.

Also, it would be best to utilize modern high-efficiency industrial humidifier printing equipment at your workplace to reduce the risk of static electricity. So, don’t forget to approach Xerox Dubai to get innovative humidifier objects. It might save you from the risk of arching and excessive static electricity as well as boost the productivity of the printing operations.

Wrapping Up

The tips mentioned above will surely assist you in reducing the risk of electrostatics in print production. Most of your work is based on documentation and credentials; therefore, you must manage your operations smartly and vigorously, saving you from severe risk. Also, it assists you in boosting your print production if you utilize effective and reliable print objects and highlight the troubles of static electricity timely. So, don’t forget to approach a reliable and modern printing firm that eventually provides you the high-efficiency industrial humidifier equipment to save you from arching.