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Rectangle MacOS App Updated Review – 2023 businessnewspost version

by Ali Haider
rectangle macos app

Rectangle mac is an open-source window management app that can help you resize and move windows around your screen. It also allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to your windows.

It’s based on Spectacle and is written in Swift. It supports multiple Mac OS versions and syncs with iCloud.

Download method for rectangle application

If you’re looking for a way to organize your windows tidily, you should consider downloading the rectangle macOS app. This utility allows you to customize your window layouts and assign keyboard shortcuts. It also works with any Mac OS version and syncs its settings with iCloud.

Rectangle is a simple, clean, open-source window management tool that helps you organize your windows. The app uses windows snapping to help you resize and position your screens. It also syncs with iCloud, making maintaining your settings on multiple devices easier.

The application’s interface mimics the Windows mouse, letting you move windows under your cursor or snap them to the sides of your screen. It also lets you resize windows when they are in focus or not.

It also has sixteen different window sizes and placements and customizable shortcuts that can resize windows quickly. This is especially useful when you have a lot of open windows that don’t fill the entire screen.

rectangle macos app

rectangle macos app

Aside from this, the rectangle macOS app also offers several other features that make it easy to manage your windows. The app can resize windows with a single click, hide them behind other applications, and adjust the size of the window’s edges.

The program is free to download and works with any Mac OS version. You can also get a Pro version that adds more features. Its interface is similar to Magnet, but it’s more customizable and comes with a license that can be used on up to three devices.

This application can be uninstalled by emptying the Library folder, removing its support files, preferences, and caches. It’s time-consuming, so it’s best to use a professional automatic uninstaller.

This application also has a “snap area” feature, which lets you create specific window sizes and positions. It can also resize windows when you’re not using them, which can save space. You can customize keyboard shortcuts to resize and arrange windows on the screen.

Installation guide

When it comes to managing windows on a Mac, Rectangle is one of the best tools. This open-source app lets you snap and resize windows using screen edges and keyboard shortcuts. It also enables you to assign custom window layouts and sync them with iCloud.

It’s a free DMG file that can be downloaded from the developer’s website and installed on your Mac. You can delete it from the Applications folder or use an automatic removal tool to uninstall it.

You can also purchase the Pro version of Rectangle to unlock more features. This app is a must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their productivity on a Mac.

This app enables you to snap windows faster, customize window sizes and positions, and assign custom shortcuts. Besides, it supports portrait display layouts and lets you use mouse gestures to move windows around.

The most basic Rectangle commands are to drag a window under your cursor or to the screen edges, but it’s worth looking at more complex options. For example, Control+Option+D moves the current window to the first, center, or last third of the screen; F and G let you set a window to fill the first, second, or third quarters of your screen; and Control+Option+Return enables you to maximize an app without using Apple’s full-screen view.

There are more than sixteen different window sizes and placements, so there’s sure to be a command for every need. You can even create your own custom shortcuts, which will be displayed by a plus sign.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are similar to those in Spectacle, but Rectangle adds more functionality and flexibility. For instance, it’s possible to snap a window to the screen edge using a middle click, which means you don’t have to drag it away from your cursor. You can also adjust the height of a window to suit your needs.


While Apple has plenty of tools to manage windows on their operating system, Rectangle takes it to the next level by using both keyboard shortcuts and a Windows-like snap assist function.

The app is free to download in the form of a DMG file and is installed via Homebrew with the appropriate command line arguments. In addition to the free version, a pro version adds some cool new features like application grouping and syncing.

In short, Rectangle is a window management tool that focuses on the basics while also highlighting the newest and greatest from Apple and other vendors. The best part is that it’s ad-free and doesn’t require you to give it any credit card information.

What’s more, the app is compatible with macOS v10.14 or later and supports a wide range of monitors. It’s also a great choice for Mac mini and iMac users who need a small-footprint solution.

There are a few other competitors on the market but none can match Rectangle for the sheer number of features and syncing capabilities. You can test it out for up to ten days to see if it’s the right fit before shelling out your hard-earned cash. The app was made by a seasoned developer known for his exemplary attention to detail. For more info check out the project page on GitHub.


Rectangle is an open-source window manager for macOS that offers various window arrangement features. These include customizable keyboard shortcuts, a snap assist function, and syncing with iCloud.

Managing app windows on the Mac can be a pain, but Rectangle is here to make it easier. It uses two methods to revolutionize window management: keyboard shortcuts and a Windows-like snap assist feature.

The most basic Rectangle commands move windows under your cursor, while other orders send them to the edges of the screen or a corner. For example, Control+Option+D moves the current window to the first, center, or last third of your screen; F and G allow you to set the window to fill the first, second or third quarters of the screen; and Control+Option+Return maximizes the current window without using Apple’s full-screen view.

You can also create custom shortcuts to any size or position and assign them to a hotkey. This lets you move multiple windows with one command or save an entire app layout that activates with a hotkey.

It also syncs your configurations via iCloud, a plus for Mac users with multiple devices. The free version is available for a limited time, and the Pro version is more expensive but offers additional features.

Another popular window manager on the Mac is Magnet, a paid app that allows you to quickly and easily snap windows to the screen’s edges. Magnet is slightly more complex than Rectangle, but it’s easy to learn and use.

While both Rectangle and Magnet can be useful for Mac users, the latter is more practical for a number of reasons. It offers a Windows-like snap assist feature, sixteen different window sizes and positions, and customizable hotkeys to move windows. It’s also compatible with mouse pad gestures and syncs with iCloud. It’s also easy to install and configure.

Rectangle app snap areas

The Rectangle application for Mac is a valuable tool allowing you to snap around applications on your screen. These snap areas are spaces on your screen where you can move and resize windows. The app also comes with 16 window sizes and customizable keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easy to rearrange your windows and make them fit on the screen.

Rectangle works on all versions of the Mac OS, from the latest High Sierra to Mac OS X. It is written in Swift and has several helpful features, including window resizing when clicked. Another handy feature is its Hookshot tool, which fixes double-clicking and Magic Mouse problems. The app also syncs with iCloud. It is free and works well with Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

The Rectangle app has numerous advantages over competing window managers. It can sync with iCloud, has multiple keyboard shortcuts, and even snap windows together. However, it does have some shortcomings, but overall, the app is simple and provides sufficient functionality for most users.

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