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How Do you Diagnose a Broken Flow Control Valve in Vehicles?

Flow control valves are necessary to regulate the precise flow rate of the fluid and to deliver a set value of the pressure to the system.

by Ali Haider

They are used in the engines of vehicles to enhance their performance and control the consumption of fuel. Today, modern cars have the latest sensors and electronic flow control valves. Sensors monitor the working of each component and indicate if something is wrong by showing a sign on the speedometer of the car. Whenever you see any kind of sign, you should stop the car and check the meaning of that sign and try to resolve the problem. If you don’t understand it, then it’s good to get the help of a professional. 


Here we have listed some ways to diagnose a broken fluid control valve:

Check Engine Light:

Today, the latest technology and sensors are used in vehicles to get optimal performance. If any of the parameters go out of the normal range then these sensors show signs. If any of the electric flow control valves will break down or bent, then it will surely show a check light. So don’t forget to check the engine light whenever you start the car. 

Engine Backfires:

If the exhaust valve is broken or bent, then you will experience the engine backfires. Because it affects how the fumes go out of the cylinder. They need to open and close appropriately to deliver the right pressure. A broken or bent electronic flow control valve fails to close properly and affects the combustion of the fuel. 

Less Compression:

When you start the vehicle, then the pressure builds up inside the cylinder which is called compression. Broken or bent engine valves mean to have improper compression. When this compression goes down than the required amount, then the combustion process is affected badly and the fuel cannot burn accurately. The driver did not get the expected performance from the car. 

Shaking engine:

Whenever an electronic flow control valve is broken then you will experience some shaking, backfire, and odd sounds. That is caused by the abnormal working of a cylinder, or not working due to the failure of the valve. If you often notice this, then check the valve spring or if it’s not the problem, then you should change the valve or get the assistance of a professional.

Low Engine Power:

If you start feeling that the vehicle is under power and not performing as usual, then you should check for the electronic flow control valve. In most cases, this issue happened because of the reduction in the pressure of the cylinder.  There are chances that the flow control valve may be broken or bent. However, whenever the valve fails to close properly then the combustion mixture starts leaking and the combustion is not done correctly which leads to a lack of power. 

Excessive Oil Consumption:

The valves of the engines are necessary to be lubricated to perform well. The seal of the valve prevents the oil from moving into the cylinder. Whenever the proportional flow control valve seal breaks down then the excess amount of the oil goes into the combustion chamber and an access amount of the fuel burns inside the chamber. This can damage the catalytic converter. 

Final Words:

The above-listed tips are very helpful in diagnosing a broken electronic flow control valve. With their help, one can easily find out a bent or broken valve. Whenever you find any kind of these issues with your vehicle, then you should repair it as soon as possible because it can be dangerous if not caught timely.