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6 Reasons IT industries Choose Denver Colocation

by Ali Haider
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Numerous businesses have already shifted, and others are bringing their IT operations to the colocation Denver data center. This is because colocation services in Denver enable businesses to acquire the most advanced technologies, hyper-scale data center facilities, and easy scalability with the minimum possible investment. Via this guide, you will understand how a colocation data center can serve as the perfect solution for your business. 

Also, we have rendered insights into the industry-leading data center, Serverwala, that allow you to purchase the most promising yet cheap Denver colocation and make the most of its soundest utilization. But before we discuss anything else further, let us highlight the functioning of data center services. 

What is a Denver Data Center Colocation Service?

The colocation data center in Denver is a third-party facility that permits you to sustain, keep, and run your business’s IT infrastructure and equipment by paying for the space and resources you need. It helps you eliminate all the overhead expenditures and minimize the Denver server colocation responsibility. 

Further, the colocation provider ensures top-grade services and excellent support while taking responsibility for all the aspects associated with the data center. With colocation in Denver, you obtain the flexibility and unbeatable security to advance your business smoothly at a faster pace without any limitations. 

Reasons Colocation Services be Part of Your IT Strategy in Denver

There are various unpretentious and profitable reasons why your business must consider colocation in Denver as part of its IT strategies. Below-mentioned listed some of them! 

Physical Barriers

A colocation data center provides the assurance of physical barriers like one-standing retaining walls, fencing, underground surroundings, dense concrete walls, etc. There are many data center facilities that also employ landscaping as physical protection from outside threats. The colocation services in Denver further ensure curved roadways, flag poles, boulders, and trees around the data center to prevent foreign entities from getting too close. 

Secure Locations

The building of colocation data center is constructed in the right location for ultimate security. This helps in acquiring safety against climate, seismic activity, natural & man-made disasters, and terrain issues. On the other side, you can explore many colocation data centers that are offering underground facilities in Denver. This serves as the safest space for you to operate your business’s physical infrastructure. 

24/7/365 Surveillance

Your colocation provider ensures 24/7/365 surveillance around the perimeter of the data center building as well as at all access points to the data center. With colocation, there is usually an integration of 360-degree cameras, motion detectors, and low-light cameras. Ideally, the colocation data center provides the 91+ day archival period with the surveillance video for you to review tapes in case required. 

24/7/365 Live Technicians

Under colocation services in Denver, you acquire the round-the-clock assistance of highly proficient and experienced technicians. You get the possibility to reach out to these technicians anytime. They remain available 24/7/365 to provide you with complete support for any issue that might occur. 

Vehicle Traps

When it comes to accessing the colocation data center facility, which is basically the parking space, a reliable provider ensures that the facility serves as a vehicle trap around the infrastructure. This can be in the form of a gated entryway or winding road. With such a strategy, it becomes easy to block a vehicle in a situation where the driver fails to control his or her vehicle.

Secure Access Check-in Process

The Denver colocation data center possesses the facility of secure access check-in procedure. This requires everyone who desires to enter the data center to show their government-issued photo IDs. Once the ID is approved, the visitor is provided with a formal ID badge. 

The badge determines the type of access to the data center the person has, for instance, whether the person is an employee, customer, visitor, or anyone else. Moreover, a visitor is always attended by a data center facility member throughout the visit. 

The factors to Consider When Choosing Colocation Services Denver

Here are the most essential factors you should take into consideration while deciding to opt for any colocation in Denver for your business –

  • Flexibility in terms of agreements
  • Contract offering full freedom with no restrictions on how one can operate the business
  • Most effective power generation 
  • Support of avant-garde facilities 
  • Round-the-clock network monitoring with colocation Denver

Enterprises are Moving More Deployments to Serverwala’s Cheap Colocation in Denver

Serverwala is deemed a top-notch Tier-III data center that is well-known for rendering incredible colocation services at the cheapest cost in Denver. It is renowned worldwide for meeting the increasing demands & requirements of diverse businesses around the world. Furthermore, with Serverwala’s cheap colocation in Denver, you receive the following highly beneficial features –  

  • Carrier-neutral facilities
  • Top-tier equipment
  • 24/7/365 Technical support via specialists 
  • Multiple power circulation routes 
  • Maximum efficiency 
  • Dissemination segments
  • Power-packed arrangements
  • Warranty of at least 99.90% uptime
  • Automated backup facilities
  • Dual power sources and much more.


Denver Colocation lets you acquire the most compelling and secure data center solution for your business. It provides you with custom features, quick scalability, best-in-class facilities, and other executive privileges. You get the opportunity to generate maximum business profitability with the least amount of money spent. 

Further, you can confidently reach out to the Serverwala cloud data center to purchase the most appropriate and cheap colocation Denver plan. The data center guarantees resilient system tools, superior customer service support, and enterprise-grade infrastructure. You may visit the informative website of Serverwala to gather more details about the top-leading colocation services in Denver.