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How Does Hackathon Help A Business?

by Ali Haider
Hackathon Help In Business

If you are not involved with the tech industry, you probably are unfamiliar with the term “hackathon.” In various industries, it is a viral collaborative coding trend.

Many companies these days take part in or organize a hackathon. It is because there are plenty of advantages that come with it.

If you want to know more about hackathons and how they can help your business, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A Hackathon?


A hackathon is an event where programmers gather and work on a collaborative project. It is also called a ‘coding marathon‘ commonly hosted by a tech company.

The hackathon event lasts for only a short period, usually only 24 hours. But a lot of work could already be done when everyone collaborates.

During this event, all participants are working together on a specific project or task.

A hackathon is usually presented as a competition style. Participants are required to complete a particular project during this time.

During a hackathon event, participants can collaborate in building software application prototypes.

Aside from holding competitions, a hackathon can also have workshops or notable speakers to provide more knowledge.

How A Hackathon Can Transform Your Business?

Hackathon For Your Business

There are plenty of similar events these days, both at a virtual hackathon platform or face-to-face. A hackathon can be applied to various industries.

Through this collaboration, you can develop fast and effective solutions. Your company is yet to take part in or organize a hackathon event.

So go ahead and look at the benefits below to help convince you that this is a smart step for your business.

Develop Multiple Solutions:

A company deals with different problems day in and day out. Joining or organizing a hackathon will allow your team to focus more on the most crucial issue.

The need to develop solutions will follow. It will then be implemented for a quick resolution. With more people having different skills coming together, more ideas will be presented.

Great Marketing Opportunity:

Hackathon events are an excellent chance for your company to market your brand. The media cover most hackathons.

Take advantage of this opportunity for others to learn about your brand, products, and services.The local and digital community can hear more about what you do and what you can offer.

Motivation Your Team Needs:

The tasks that your team goes through every day are repetitive. It dissolves their drive to do more and be better at what they do. Break the ice because this is all good for your team and business.

Take your staff out of their comfort zone and join or host a hackathon. It will help get their creative juices flowing as they try to find various solutions to a problem.

Test And Develop Skills:

People with different skills and talents come together during a hackathon event. Most who join in organizing through a hackathon platform are designers, developers, and other skilled individuals from the industry.

They collaborate to solve a company’s problem. With more people joining, your team will be inspired to develop and test their skills.

Find More Talent For Your Company:

Joining or organizing through hackathon platforms can bring many advantages to your company. It is the time to seek more talent.

It is an event where many talented people come together. There is an excellent chance that you will find people with the skills and talent that your company needs in these events.

Types Of Hackathons:

Types Of Hackathon

Since hackathon popularity is rising, many are introduced to different types they can join or host. It’s more than just hosting competitions for the smartest and wittiest in coding.

Before you learn how to prepare for hackathon, read more to learn what type of event to consider.

Coding Competition:

It is the most common and the first hackathon ever hosted. Initially hosted offline, coding competitions are now organized through virtual hackathons.

This way, it’s more accessible to coding experts from all across the globe who want to join.


Another coding competition can be done both online hackathon and offline versions.

Its main goal is to provide datasets. Participants will then have to develop the algorithms for this data.


It is the most common that hackathon organizers choose from this list.It is less tech-driven and is more on the business side.

Business Case Competition:

In this event, participants are tasked to explain the different technologies used. It will give the judges an understanding of how they came up with a solution prototype.

Organizing A Hackathon?

Organizing A Hackathon

Your company has problems that need immediate solutions. A hackathon is one effective way to springboard new ideas. With its collaborative nature, hackathon organization for your business will be a huge help.

Take a look at this guide on how to manage your first hackathon.

Organize And Plan:

Identify the need for organizing a hackathon. If you currently have a significant problem you want to tackle, a hackathon is a great way to bring together more ideas. Take the time for hackathon planning and decide what the goal of this event will be.

Ensure the prototypes or solutions produced are relevant to your company goals.

Decide On Possible Outcomes:

Think about what this event will give your company in return. There must be something produced at the end of the hackathon. Once this is determined, set the date and choose a venue.

You must also set aside some reward. This way, you can get more people to take part.

The Judging Panel:

If you are part of a large company, have your senior stakeholders be the event’s judges. If they allow your hackathon ideas, you can then form a judging panel of experts in the industry.

This way, you are not only ensuring fair judging for your participants but also catching the interest of possible investors.

What To Do After A Hackathon?

Organizing A Hackathon

The hackathon was a success, so what’s next?

Follow through to ensure that the solutions gathered will be well-spent. Keep the momentum going to provide it positively impacts your company.

Look at the ideas presented and determine which ones are ready for development. Your team will be interested in joining more hackathons if they see their ideas to fruition.


Many companies these days join and host hackathons for various reasons. Be a part of this new trend. Let your team experience a hackathon too.

Everyone in the company can join the event, even beginners. Hackathons are not only for coding experts. Even those with no coding knowledge, can join.

You can organize or join one hosted by another company. Either way, it will be both fun and productive for your business.

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