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How to Prevent Speech Delay in Your Children?

by Ali Haider
Speech Delay

You must have questions about speech delay if you have toddlers in your house. The questions, we also say fear, always remain about speech delay when you have children. If your child, unfortunately, experiences this problem then there can be problems, as a parent, for you to battle with. Because a child will face eventually social stigmas if he doesn’t speak properly in the future.

The most concerning matter for parents regarding the ability of their children is that the signs of speech are not always obvious when they are under the age of eighteen. According to a speech and language therapist, if their children don’t speak or communicate effectively then you don’t need to worry.

Sometimes, children don’t develop the ability to speak unless they reach a certain age. Usually, this is the age when parents make their children to go school. A speech therapist can easily ask you to show patience regarding your child’s speech.

But parents can wait when it comes to seeing their children talking. They always want to hear words like mommy and daddy from their children. Being a parent, using some techniques can help your child to develop the skill of speaking as soon as possible.

For instance, you can use some simple phrases such as more milk when your child is a toddler. A toddler always demands for more milk and you can a phrase or a set of words for his need. Usually, children cry when they need something or when they are hungry.

You will develop words that are easy to speak and you will first know what your child is requiring, and then you will speak these words according to the situation.

How to Prevent Speech Delay

Preventing speech delay as a parent in your child would be a great deal for you. Because as parents you don’t want your child to face problems related to speaking. Therefore, knowing about the ways about preventing speech delay in your child would be worth it.

1- Read to Your Child

During these days, you will see a lot of parents who will make their children in front of the TV to watch different shows and cartoons. Some parents give their children android mobile phones to play games. All these things you will see around you.

Parents who make their children sit in front of the TV believe that their children or child will start talking shortly. But scientific studies don’t approve of the notion that TV or any program shows can help children speak early.

Traditional knowledge and scientific studies prove that children will develop the ability to speak when every day they make interactions with their parents or family members. You may have seen children start speaking early in families where other children are also present.

You as a mother always spend most of your time around your child. Because he is too little to take care of himself/herself. During this time, when your child is not crying or his belly is full, you can read to him. When you read to your child, they listen to you carefully and try to understand what you are saying.

Similarly, you will the easiest words to them; therefore, they can understand them without any difficulty. Speech therapists and pediatricians believe that toddlers every day learn new words and try to remember them.

In your own language, you can pick some books from a writer who writes short stories for children in easy language. This would be the best to develop speech skills in your child.

2- Use Self-Talk

Your parents or grandparents used the way of self-talking when you were if you remember it. Usually, at that time, our parents always used this method to improve our vocabulary. Now, if you have children then it is your turn to use the same way to bring an improve in the vocabulary of your child.

When your child is around you then you can talk about the things you are doing. For instance, if you are playing a game then you can talk about the game in a loud voice. You can repeat your words while speaking to yourself because the child will easily pick the repetitive words.

My friend who is a parent told me that he always talks to himself to improve his child’s ability to speak. I asked him did you find any improvement. His answer was quite shocking to me because the child was able to pick the words.

3- Sing to Your Child

If you are not a good singer; no problem, you can still sing to your child because your child will not judge your voice. You can sing any song in your mother tongue to your child and he will enjoy it.

This song will not only help him in improving his vocabulary but he will also remember the words you just sung.