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Flexible Workspaces – Providing Growth Acceleration To Start-Ups

by Ali Haider

Ever since the pandemic, start-ups have opted for coworking office spaces because they significantly reduce operational costs. Therefore, coworking spaces are a smart option during these uncertain economic times. Moreover, they also provide tremendous networking opportunities. 

Coworking spaces are setting dynamic standards for working in shared office space. They provide their customers with all the basic amenities needed to enhance the productivity of their client base. Shared office spaces limit all the distractions that generally add to the stress of business owners. 

In 2021, the global market value of coworking spaces was $6.89 billion and it is supposed to increase to $24 billion by 2030. Shared office spaces are fast becoming the new and trending mode of work. They provide innovative solutions to everyday problems faced by entrepreneurs. The collaborative environment incubates great minds in one place and fosters contemporary ideas.

There are many benefits of opting for a shared space, namely, reduced costs, a collaborative environment, time and energy efficient. Coworking spaces also accelerate the growth prospects of newly launched business ventures in a productive manner.  

Why are Coworking Spaces the New Norm?

Shared office spaces are designed in a way that enhances productivity and also allows people to relax during their off time. Coworking spaces have break rooms, game rooms, meeting rooms, and individual hot-desk facilities for their clients.

Pakistan is home to many budding startups and its start-up ecosystem currently is the most vibrant one in South Asia. Owing to this fact, the demand for easily accessible office spaces is also increasing. The best solution for this purpose is shared office spaces. Moreover, the flexibility, accessibility, and freedom that coworking provides have made them a norm in today’s age. 

Flexible workspaces or flex spaces allow people to choose their work environment based on their work requirements. There are different plans for every type of business owner which they can choose and can also change whenever needed. This allows business owners to scale up and down according to needs.

 Shared coworking spaces provide the type of autonomy that restricted, traditional work environments lack. With their large expanse and all the necessary amenities to offer, coworking has boosted the creativity and productivity of companies. With 24/7 internet and electricity access, coworking spaces make sure their clients operate without any interruptions. 

How Coworking Boosts Growth?

Coworking spaces provide countless opportunities to start-ups through which they can boost their growth. Some of these facilities provided are discussed below;

  • Through their Diverse Culture

With various different businesses operating under one roof, flexible workspaces have a diverse culture that respects and celebrates diversity. These places hold a lot of creative minds in one place and don’t discourage anyone from expressing their true selves. 

  • Having a Creative Outlook

Shared coworking spaces are designed in an aesthetically pleasing way. This boosts the creativity of employees and allows them to work with a fresh mind daily. When the space is organized in a neat and sorted way, it boosts the creative output of employees. 

  • Providing Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces host a number of events that allow their different clients to intermingle and bond over industry-related discussions and also during networking sessions. These types of sessions allow people to explore different professional opportunities and converse with like-minded people. 

  • Provision of Basic Amenities

Uninterrupted internet and electricity provision allows people to work uninterrupted on their own time. This reduces interruptions that could negatively impact businesses in any way. Furthermore, the unlimited, free supply of coffee and tea keeps everyone caffeinated, active, and on their full productive output.  

  • Business Collaboration Solutions

Coworking spaces also provide complex and simplified business solutions to startups. This aids in streamlining the business operations of new and established businesses. They provide startups with the necessary information and advice that helps them establish their brand and identity.

  • Limited Expenses

Coworking spaces provide clients with the basic necessities that businesses, freelancers, and startups require to operate at their maximum potential. These facilities are provided to clients at a fixed price which includes infrastructure. Whereas, a dedicated office space, including rent, electricity, and internet charges, costs a hefty amount. 

  • Time and Energy Efficient

Coworking limits the involvement of people in the mundane daily chores of owning a business. This saves people’s precious time so they can focus better solely on the profit generation of their businesses.