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7 Common Errors to Avoid for a Band 8+ in IELTS Writing

by Ali Haider

Have you heard that the IELTS writing test plays a significant role in your overall score? When most test-takers made the same basic errors, their band scores were consistently lower than expected. The explanation for this is obvious: they make these mistakes unintentionally. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is a recognized credential that proves to a foreign employer or university that you have the necessary level of English proficiency to work or study there. It may be your dream, or that of your parents, to live, work, or study in a particular country. The smart study involves more than just topical preparation; avoiding typical pitfalls is a crucial component of it. These errors, which can have a negative impact on your writing, will be covered today. Do you still need help with IELTS-related questions? Connecting with the top IELTS Institute in Patiala is a must.

Here is a rundown of the most typical slip-ups that students make when taking the IELTS writing exam and how to avoid them:

The 7 Most Common IELTS Test Taker Errors

Using more colloquial language

Do you frequently use informal language in your writing? For the IELTS general writing task, it is OK to use a less formal tone, such as that used in an informal or semi-formal letter. Conversely, a student is not allowed to employ a conversational voice in the Academic Edition. Thus, phrases like “Am I right?” should be avoided in written communication.

In addition, what else could you possibly need? In order to do well on the IELTS writing section of the exam, you need to adopt the proper tone, use the appropriate vocabulary, keep your sentences at about the average length, and make sure your spelling and grammar are spot on.

Reducing the Character Count

Keep in mind that you will need to stick to the word count that has been allotted for your writing assignment. If you have been given a word limit of 250 to 150, stick to it. Answers should be brief and straightforward to read. Your essay as a whole has to paint a distinct picture of your main idea. Examiners can easily see if you’ve simply copied and pasted information without giving any thought to the issue or providing evidence to support your position, and if this is the case, you may expect to receive lower marks.

No extra time is given to the examiner so that they can read your sheet multiple times. Subtract points from your total for lack of coherence. Spend some time honing your essay-writing skills so that you can efficiently complete a paper within the allotted page count and time frame. Get advice from a trusted advisor who can help you shape your writing and assess your progress. You don’t have anyone? If you want to improve your English, you can sign up for IELTS classes. IELTS coaching in Patiala is a great resource if you want to learn more about the subject.

Essay Question Replica

The most common mistake students make when writing essays is to just repeat the introduction’s wording of the question. The first section is yours to rewrite on your own terms. If you copy and paste the question’s text into your answer, those words won’t be tallied against your word count, and you’ll get a lower grade. So, you must replace these words with a suitable alternative.

Too many coordinating conjunctions

This section, “Coherence and Cohesion,” is crucial for the evaluation rubric. Yet, moderation is required. Some students use connectives too frequently, which makes their work more difficult to read. Reduce it to a manageable level. In that case, your band scores will be lowered because of that.

The writing task in the IELTS is a very important part of the exam. You need to focus more on the test if you want to do well. It’s the best place to show off your knowledge of English language conventions, including syntax, vocabulary, style, tone, etc. So, make it work harder. Get in contact with the top IELTS coaching institute in Patiala if you need specialized help or have questions about the IELTS, international education, or anything else relating to these topics.

Don’t bother reading the wrap-up.

The essay’s “task response” is the paragraph you write after you’ve finished explaining what you’ve done. Students often forget to write a conclusion for their essays because they focus too much on providing supporting evidence in the body paragraphs. The conclusion is where you should lay out your entire argument and provide the last bit of supporting evidence.

There aren’t enough examples to back up the claim. There is no way to get through the essay section without using an example. The number of concepts presented in the body paragraph is irrelevant; nevertheless, each must be supported by relevant examples. Personal anecdotes can be included in writing, but they should still have an informal tone.

Bad Grammar and Spelling

The missing punctuation marks will ruin the entire paper. There should be no spelling mistakes. Inevitably, students will make some typos or misuse some punctuation. Despite providing the right answers on paper, they only receive a passing grade by a small margin because of spelling errors.

Maintaining these considerations as you practice writing can help you improve your talents. Get in touch with PTE Institute in Patiala if you have any more questions about the exam or feel that you could benefit from some guidance.


Last but not least, we think it’s important to let you know that writing is not confined to the IELTS writing test. The reading comprehension component also contains a writing assignment. As a result, you should spend as much time as possible practicing. Check your assumptions and see if you can improve.

Get it done! Take your writing test at the end of the day, mark up your copy with corrections, and aim for perfection. Keep your cool and take your time. Good work takes more time than average to complete. If you follow the advice above, you should be able to receive a 7 or 8 on the IELTS.