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Common HVAC Problems – Explained By Dracut’s HVAC Repair Experts

by Ali Haider

If your home has an HVAC system, you want it to operate without disruption and without errors. Unfortunately, it can fail similarly to any other machine or equipment. Whenever it’s least convenient, that’s when it can happen most often. Even though HVAC systems are made to last for many years, this can only be possible with routine maintenance.

And besides, your home’s system for temperature control must be reliable and stable. In Dracut, the weather can change based on the time of year and the area.

For this reason, it’s crucial to emphasize prevention over repairs, and if you require HVAC repair, act quickly. Knowing what to check for and how to talk to an HVAC Repair professional is crucial when some problem occurs. In this blog, with the help of Dracut’s HVAC repair experts, we have compiled a list of common  HVAC issues and how to detect them.

Most Common HVAC Issues and When to Call an HVAC Repair Company in Dracut

Winter seems to bring on an increase in HVAC issues. If this is how it seems in your house, remember that winter is the time of year when HVAC repair and maintenance companies receive the most calls.

Increased Dust 

Has the amount of dust in your home suddenly increased? If so, a buildup of dirt and dust in your HVAC system may be the reason. Once dust begins to build up in the system, it won’t be long before your house is totally covered in dust.

The easiest method to solve the dust issue is to hire a professional HVAC repair company in Dracut, MA. Remember that keeping your home dust-free and having your HVAC system cleaned periodically contribute to better air quality. In addition, a dust-free atmosphere provides a comfortable living environment, particularly for those with respiratory disorders like asthma.

 HVAC Unit Constantly Turns On and Off

If the HVAC unit continues turning on and off, this is time to contact an HVAC repair company. Unfortunately, HVAC systems frequently turn on and off due to thermostat issues. Thankfully, replacing the thermostat will enable your machine to operate normally.

The HVAC System is Leaking Water

For a variety of reasons, the HVAC system may leak water:

  • A broken drain tube
  • A corroded condenser
  • The refrigerant inside the HVAC is dripping.
  • Leaks of refrigerant should not be ignored because they may have adverse health effects. However, if you suspect a leak, it’s wise to have a specialist inspect your HVAC system.

Faulty Thermostats

Smart thermostats available today can lower your overall costs and maintain a more comfortable environment inside the house. Yet, you might need to put in some more work to achieve the ideal thermostat setting for your house. To be sure you’ve got the most benefit from the thermostat,  ensure that you read the handbook.

But even the smartest thermostats may go wrong. An inspection by a service technician may reveal difficulties with the thermostat sensors or other issues when you’re unable to maintain the right temperature in your house. Always hire a professional for furnace maintenance and heating repairs.

Dirty Coils

Most HVAC issues can be avoided with routine maintenance. The system will likely cost much more to maintain its optimum temperature if debris and filth have blocked the coils.

The furnace or air conditioning unit may operate less efficiently and more laboriously if the evaporator coil is unclean. More power is used as a result, and the temperature is distributed unevenly. Irrespective of the condition of the AC unit, you shouldn’t attempt to solve an issue on your own. Water leaks can be fixed by cleaning unclean filters or air ducts, so seek professional assistance.

Like any other technology, HVAC systems periodically experience problems. To prevent more harm, the HVAC system must be repaired as soon as possible.

Are you facing any of these problems? Are you looking for a professional for furnace maintenance? If so, this is your sign to call a professional HVAC repair company. If you are in Dracut, MA, Home Service Doctor may be one of your best options. So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my HVAC system needs to be replaced?

Here are some things that indicate you need to replace your HVAC system.

  • It is more than ten years old.
  • Repair costs more than replacement.
  • Strange sounds.
  • Foul odor.
  • More dust in your home.
  • Poor air quality.
  • Poor filter functionality.
  • Leakage.

How long should my HVAC system last?

On average: 20 years.

Remember that depending on your location, climate, and the sort of HVAC system you use, the lifetime of an HVAC system can range from 10 to 25 years. However, if the HVAC system is overworked by improper insulation or excessive airflow, it may malfunction earlier.

How often should an HVAC system be replaced?

Experts recommend that you replace it after ten years of efficiency. Newer units can last up to 15 years.

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